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free version: every month less data to reach 60mb limit?

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I started my evernote account in autumn last year and still use the free version with a limit of 60mb.

At the beginning, it was more than enough for my needs, but during the last m I noted that every month i reached the limit earlier - without using evernote more (or saving more or bigger notes. It seemed to me very obvious, that every month I can save less data for the same 60mb limit.

Since month's change of my acoount I watched closer: a few notes with text and a low-size image, which only needed a 1 mb locally, resulted in 15mb evernote-notes. It seems to confirm my impressions.

therefore: has anyone noted this phenomena? I get the impression, that evernote somehow plays tricks so that you upgrade your version.

while I would certainly to so, If my needs start to climb and I am aware, that one should not complain about a free program.

nevertheless I also don't want to be tricked and expext the offered free limit to be real. If this is not the case, I want to rather leave evernote than to upgrade.


would appreciate your inputs.

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