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Left-Right Swipe to Go to Next or Previous Notes



Many apps allows users to navigate to a next or previous item by swiping left or right while within the item. I'd love to see this feature for notes in Evernote!

Currently Evernote requires users back out of a note and then select the next in a list.


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I was going to post the same thing and was directed here.  The post is a bit old so hopefully a comment will support getting this feature in (IOS for me).  Find it hard to believe it's not a default feature since notes are organized in books and why can't I swipe between pages of my book (without backing out and selecting the next page manually)?  Evernote, you need to implement features to enhance productivity.  Please :)

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Hi.  Successive notes in my default notebook are:  several receipts that I scanned from the past few days,  a couple of web pages that looked interesting,  some emails that I want to keep and a page that explains how to create an 'all settings' listing on my laptop.  Why exactly would I want to page between them? 

If you search for pages linked with a specific tag or title,  you'll be able to create a table of contents page from which you can jump to each successive page in the list.  But for the most part the fact that one page is next to another doesn't mean that it is in any way related to that page.

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Sounds fine in your case.  In mine I keep related notes in a notebook (like vacation bookings) and want to quickly go from one to next.  I don't want to back out each time to the TOC.  I know what I can do with Evernote now and just think this is a productivity feature that is used in many other apps so why not?

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