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EN 5.9.9: Context Search - Problem

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Within the new Version of EN ( GA) the context related search doesn't work anymore.

In Detail: I have a presaved filter: "stack:Work tag:Monitor". I click the filter. After that I want to refine my search by typing "sql" into the search area. --> _nothing_ is shown. But the are existing entries containing the word "sql".

My setting for the search window is set to: "Aktuellen Context durchsuchen" (In english there may be written: "Search current context")

Please help. - Working with this version is awkward.

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Having the exact samt problem. I have a number of saved searches (more general in nature) that I up until the release of 5.9.9 was able to refine further using the "filter by tag"-function. However, when I use "filter by tag" now the saved search is reset and the tag is the only thing that is filtered upon. Really "destroys" all my saved searches and my EN-workflow! Please look into this! I'm guessing it's a bug and not a changed feature!

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