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Solution: Windows and IOS Evernote too slow to use.

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I hope this helps someone else. For the last 6 months Evernote was just about unusable. I would type a few letters in and then have to wait for them to appear. I would change from one note to another and it would sometimes take 30 seconds or more. it would also freeze and I had to close the program and reopen it to use. I googled the problem I was having and there seems to be a real lot of others that were having the same exact issue. One guy solved the problem by keeping his tags listing collapsed, but I really couldn't find a solution. Maybe there's a solution in this forum - but I wasn't aware it existed until I looked for somewhere to contact the company to tell them about this. Anyway, I was just about to dump the software and find something else. But, I've been using Evernote since before it had any working syncing at all, I had to sync the files with a third party program, so I still wanted to find a way to resolve the problem. It finally dawned on me that it might just be one note causing the problem, because re-installing the software on both my laptop and IPhone didn't work. I realized that I had been tracking my medications and the time I took them, every day since 2012. That's 5-8 entries per day listed with the date and time down one column with a space between each day.  Now, I have a lot of notes with lots of content, but none that went down the page anywhere near the length of this one note. So I created a new note, copied the current two days of entries into it and then deleted the old note. That was it. Evernote was back! I was so relieved. I hope this helps someone else. Watch the length of your notes. This was 4 years of entries, so you can imagine how much you'd have to scroll to get from top to bottom. Maybe Evernote can eventually fix the way they handle very long notes.

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