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Remote editable desktop "Sticky Notes"

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I posted following to Twitter: 
Is it possible to pin a single @Evernote item to Windows desktop, akin to Sticky Notes, and have it remote editable too?
and was told to post it here too.

Here I try to explain myself a little:
I've a (Windows based) HTPC at a home, which is my Steam/gaming rig as well as Netflix/movie streaming and music listening machine as well. It's hooked to a Big Screen TV, so requirements for it are a bit different because of that too.
I often encounter stuff during the day while working (on linux machines), which I want to save for later, Youtube can be saved and articles can be sent to Instapaper, but everything else is scattered across multitude of services which I constantly forget to check out. Cool things to download, comics to check out, a boardgame that caught my eye, found those shoes I promised my son and so forth.

I'd personally love if the solution was super lightweight, not having tons of apps running on a gaming computer is sort of a rule I live by. So maybe not require the full Evernote app to run on the background.

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