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Images size automatically reduced in landscape mode

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When I take a photo or select a photo in Skitch and my iPad is orientated in landscape view and is tilted such that it facing me, the photo is automatically reduced in size (about half the screen size). What is strange is if I turn the iPad to a portrait orientation and then back to landscape (while looking at the same photo), the photo goes to full screen size. What is also strange is if I take or select a photo in landscape mode and orientate the iPad such that is angled away from me (but not so much that is re-orientates to face the other direction), the images comes up and stays shown as a full screen.

Any advise on how to fix this problem would be much appreciated, I've gone through the process of updating iOS to the latest version (9.3.1), deleting and reinstalling skitch and shutting the iPad down, but the issue remains.

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I have the same issue. IOS9.3.1 on iPad Air. If I load a picture with the iPad in landscape mode it shoots down to lower left, and I can't get to the controls or move it. If I rotate the iPad to portrait and back it resets OK.

i would post a screen shot but it says my file is too big despite it being 128KB

Edit: I see we are not going to get this fixed.. Evernote have ceased support for it. Shame on them it was one of the best apps ever . Simple to use and effective. 

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