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Can't modify saved searches with tags on the fly anymore

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I have a series of saved searches. I often use them and then refine them with additional tags. Prior to installing Evernote (277915) Public yesterday on my Windows 10 machine, this worked just fine.

For example, I have a saved search that pulls up notes that are in a particular notebook and have unchecked to-do boxes. A note with an unchecked box is a task I have still to do (I'm implementing GTD). I have many projects and each project is assigned a unique tag. So if I want to find all to-do tasks for "2016 Conference", I first click on the saved search for all remaining tasks (in the shortcut bar) and then drag the "2016 Conference" tag to the bar right above the list view. (sorry, don't know what that bar is called)

Until today, doing that would allow me to see just the remaining tasks for that project.

But now when I drag the tags over, it causes the list view to show absolutely nothing -- no notes are returned in the search. This must be an error because (a) dragging the tag is not simply ignored--the to-do tasks for all projects all disappear and (b) it's not that the tag simply overwrites the saved search--again nothing shows up but if I reset the search entirely then dragging the tag over shows *all* notes with the task, unchecked to-do or not.

I played around a little bit with dragging tags to the bar and it seems like this problem pops up in all but the simplest cases (i.e., it does work fine when the search is reset and drag from scratch).

This functionality is critical to how I use Evernote! Please help.



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