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Free Version - Your Subscription Has Expired Notice Everytime I Open EN

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I only use Evernote occasionally and the Free/Basic version is what works best for me. 

For the past few weeks everytime I open Evernote I get the following error message: "

Your subscription has expired.  Renew now to keep enjoying great features likes offline notebooks and larger uploads.  Renew now.   "


I click on the renew now link and it bring up a sign up/version selector that doesn't allow me to select the Free/Basic version.  

Is Evernote doing away with the freebie/basic version or is this some glitch?  




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That's probably why you are getting the message, EN marketing.  If you hadn't been a paid subscriber then you would be getting the try EN premium splash page no doubt.

In recent releases EN decreased the frequency of the marketing, not sure how often it is supposed to happen now (I saw it on the forums some time back, forgot the post).  If you aren't on the current release I would update your version of EN and see how frequent you receive the marketing then.

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Hello -

We paid for Premium for 2 years at least, and for 1 or 2 months, don't remember have the above "Reminder" constantly.

We stopped the Premium for various reasons, and might have been happy to come back in Premium - but since this "Reminder", I feel obligated to run away from Evernote SO MUCH it annoys me.

Unhappy paying buyer here.

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