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(Archived) Search behavior not intuitive



When I am typing in a word into the Search field, each extra character I type should narrow the search results. This is how incremental search should behave. More selection criteria, tighter results.

Evernote does NOT do this. Instead, it only puts things into the search results when the complete word matches.

Worse, this also means that if I search for "candidate", Evernote will completely exclude a note that has "candidates".

And, when I am typing incrementally, "candidate" shows 0 results, but when I type that extra "s" I suddenly see 20 results. This is not intuitive, and makes it much easier to miss stuff I actually have saved.

Please, can the search be made a bit more sane on this front? Is that even feasible?


EDIT: I tested the above with an advanced tag search "tag:candidate" vs. "tag:candidates", and it behaved badly as above. A normal text search of content seems to behave more reasonably, so the problem may be limited to search-field based tag searches.

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If you just type normal words into the text box, the interactive searching should work just as you describe.

If you start typing an advance search expression, this requires more precision (since those expressions may contain things like dates, etc.), so they won't match a prefix unless you add a '*' to the end of your advanced search expression.

So, in theory, you could type:


Then move the cursor before the asterisk to type the beginning of the tag name you want to match.

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