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How can I insert a scan (via scannable) in an excel sheet ?


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I am a freelance consultant

My dayli nightmare, for nearly 10 years, is the accountancy : invoices to classify, photocopy, whilst  writing the amount in an excel sheet.

I would like to connect each scanned invoice (via scannable) with an excel sheet I have configurated , so with iphone I can now dictate the amounts, dates and nature of invoices, but the SCAN of invoice is a priority 

How can I do ?

Thanks for your advice

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3 hours ago, Mathilde888 said:

"place a link to the invoice note into a cell"

more work... than a help..

thanks anyway for your answer

You are welcome.and for sure additional work.  Post back if you find something that works.  That could help others with the same need.


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On April 21, 2016 at 1:49 AM, mylyn226 said:

I would like to set up a shopping list that I can strike through as I pick each item up in the supermarket, rather than a paper list. Any help anyone please.

Since you're posting in an Evernote forum, why not create a note with check boxes for each item.

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