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How do I create new blank page


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When I open Skitch, I want to create a new blank page on which I can draw pictures. One site said to use the swipe menu at the bottom of my iPhone screen and select draw. Only there is no swipe screen and no draw to select. The three previous images I drew was strictly luck in opening a blank page.

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Hey there @KathyDavie,

The menu for toggling between options is at the bottom of the Skitch application's screen. Swiping right or left on the menu at the bottom with your finger will toggle between the  different editing options and settings. You can also swipe left or right from the center of the the screen. 

To create a Skitch image from a blank page:
1. Select Draw from the swipe menu at the bottom of the screen
2. Tap Blank Page and start drawing using the Markup Tools.


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