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Recognize Photo Orientation EXIF Data



I love Evernote for shopping. With built-in OCR, it's the best visual journal that is instantly searchable that I've found. What annoys me though is when I import photos shot in portrait mode, they are sideways. Now I've searched the forums, and realize the confusion lies with OS X Preview and other image editors recognizing the EXIF data for orientation and displaying them in the orientation we humans prefer, right side-up, automatically. I sincerely wish Evernote would also step up the plate and recognize EXIF data for orientation. At the moment, I have to manually rotate each and every photo, as it seems that I cannot select more than one photo at a time, another annoyance! The time adds up when you're importing hundreds of pics into Evernote. Perhaps I should create or find an AppleScript that batch rotates photos to prep them before entering Evernote. Such a basic feature, please implement! Thanks :)

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With this glitch and others, I myself am growing increasingly disappointed with Evernote. Next month I will have been a premium member for 4 years, and while it has in the past been invaluable, it seems to be growing less and less reliable and more and more problematic. I would expect a product that's this widely used and sustainable to now move into making improvements and fixes beyond this niggling little issue.

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