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Suggestion: Style options in the editor

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I would love to see a style feature that one could select the font, font size, color, and style (bold, italic..) and create these things that would be a default for their titles, topics, examples, articles, citations, definitions, relevant information, etc. People would be able to select it easily from a drop-down menu and the selected text would be of that style.

  • Users would be able to create custom styles;
  • Users would be able to apply the style to all notes using it or just the notes created after the changes happened.

Why this should be implemented:

  • Improves speed a lot for those who like to keep a pattern of colors and fonts for different things;
  • Reduces rework if someone wants to change their default font, size, or anything for all their notes. Ex: I want the titles to be bold and to remove all uppercase from then, that would apply to all the notes with that style.
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