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"Reordering" or Organizing Pages

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19 hours ago, rosenberg.lisa.ann@gmail.c said:

I've created several notebooks in Evernote and then pages within. 

I am using 1 notebook to capture a new book, each time I edit a note it goes to the top. My "notes" or chapters aren't labeled 1, 2, etc rather by title. 

I see I can sort by letter, date, etc but can I drag/organize notes how I want?

There are two sections where entries can be arranged manually:  Shortcuts and Reminders

My default search is Update Date, but I usually switch to Title sort for filtered lists.

I adjust the title so that my notes sort in the sequence I want;
for example 000 Contents, 001 Chapter 1

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You can drag notes into position using the Reminders functionality of EN, but probably not the best solution if you are writing a book.  But otherwise, no.

Workarounds to get the notes in the order you want are to precede the title name with the sort sequence (010 Chapter 1 for example), modify the created date, or modify the updated date.  Then sort the notes by the field you are using.

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