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(Archived) Any way to select webcam?

john flores


First off, let me say that Evernote is a brilliant application and service. I've used note-taking and mind mapping tools like Curio and Scrivener before, but Evernote is unique because of its cloud synchronization. Bravo!

Now my question - I have an iMac with an internal iSight camera. I also have an external iSight camera (Firewire). I'd like to use the external camera since it's on a long cable and I can easily pick it up and point it at a book, as opposed to holding the book up to the iMac screen and trying to get it right.

Is there any way within Evernote to select the external iSight camera?

I searched the forum to no avail. Any and all help appreciated!

Keep up the most awesome work!

john flores

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Unfortunately, there's no way to make our own integrated "iSight note" button use a different camera, but you can use Photo Booth and then drag the images from there onto Evernote to make notes with those images relatively quickly.

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I have a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro, which has a "Carl Zeiss" lens with autofocus.

It works with no extra drivers for iChat, Skype, Photo Booth and of course Evernote, and since it will focus very close, it is easy to get excellent, sharp images of business cards etc.

All "UVC" (USB video device class) cameras are supposed to work with the drivers included in OS X 10.4.9+

Unfortunately, right now I'm on an iMac, and the built-in iSight is taking precedence over my Logitech. In Skype or Photo Booth I can select which camera I would like to use, but not in Evernote. Bummer!

Consider this a feature request. This can't be hard to add, he said, blithely. ;-)

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Thanks for the suggestion. We currently don't have any options to change the camera, but this could be useful for some people.

In the mean time, you can take the pictures in PhotoBooth and then drag them directly from there to drop into Evernote and create a note with one extra step.

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