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Feature request (ignore part of text in emailed notes)

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I am a :) Evernote premium user. However there is one feature missing. 

I regularly email notes into Evernote using email at work (g-mail is blocked because of security issues). The company's e-mail system adds a disclaimer to every e-mail sent. The disclaimer then ends up in the emailed note in Evernote which I have to remove afterwards. The feature I would like to request is the possibility if using a flag or switch (if that's the right term) in an e-mail which would trigger Evernote to ignore everything after that flag.

Best, Maarten

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You may have better luck with your company's IT department than having Evernote implement this. They might be able to make an exception for emails being sent to Evernote addresses... if you ask really nicely. 

Not that Evernote is not all about pleasing... it just depends on the pent-up demand for this sort of feature. I do, however, see the value in it. I like to keep things tidy too. 

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