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Old account, forgotten password, inactive email

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Hello Evernoters!  

There is an old notebook that I now need to access.  I have carelessly forgotten the password, and the email address associated is no longer active, so it seems a simple password reset will not do. 


How can I access this account now?  





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Hi Kmurz - I also contacted support about the same issue, and they said there is absolutely no recourse for this sort of problem. Seems like this would be a common issue and that they would have a process for bypassing the password reset issue through security questions or something...needless to say, it's frustrating.


Has anyone on here been able to successfully re-access an old account with a forgotten password and inactive email address?



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@Kmurz - If none of your typical password combinations allow you to get into the account, our Technical Support Team may be able to help you recover the information if you had previously synced that account to the downloaded Evernote application on your computer. Let me know! 

@amelia19 - Because email addresses are our only means of identifying a user, we aren't able to send recovery password emails to any email address not associated with the account. If the email address is no longer valid and the password has been forgotten, the only way to recover content from an account is if you had synced the account to the downloaded desktop application or if you have a backup of the content. 

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@amanda_h and @gbarry I am a premium user and I'm having a similar issue with my Evernote account. Unfortunately (and now I realize stupidly) I had all my unique passwords stored in Evernote and now I can't access my gmail in order to recover my Evernote password. I use gmail for work and I need to talk to technical support immediately, can you please prioritize?? I don't have access to any of my online accounts (banking, gmail, health) etc and am freaking out over this. 

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Some advice to other users - to avoid these sorts of problems - store passwords in a password manager such as LastPass.

Use the password manager to log into all your emails, even the old ones you no longer use, in order to keep them active.

And, of course, let the password manager create unique random passwords for each of your accounts.

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I would have thought some alternative method of resetting passwords in the event of registered  email address being unavailable would be a no brainer. Other services manage using mobile phones with recovery codes or back up email addresses. Yes the suggestion of using the likes of LastPass will work but it is a bit like passing the responsibility to someone else. I think its a serious weakness in Evernote

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I have subscribed to Evernote Premium since 2017, suddenly a couple of months ago my payment could not be processed by Apple (change of cards) and apparently my evernote account was closed and I have lost all my notes ! Can anyone help? I can not find the support of Evernote and I can't get anyone to help ! I would need all my note back !

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Hi.  Your notes will still be available if you log in to Evernote.com or one of the installed apps with your usual details.  You'll be a 'free' member with restricted access,  but you can still see and download your notes.  You'll be able to revive your subscription if you wish,  direct to Evernote once you're logged in.

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Accounts don’t get closed, they get downgraded, as in your case.

Are you sure you used the correct login data ? One little mistake in the user name, and you create a new account (which will be empty) instead of logging into the existing one.

Try again, make sure you have no typo when entering your credentials.

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I have tried with all my accounts, but I am actually sure this is the same account I use. I could see that I paid Evernote  on Apple Store with the following account aventura@acacia.Ac, then suddenly the payment stopped and my note disappeared. However, I can still find a copy of my notes (as I sent them to friends online): How can I get them back in my account? 


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OK I am thinking of an another alternative, I used to have another account aventura@microcred.com. It is possible that my evernote account which disappeared was created with this account. However, I have left the organisation and the account do not exist anymore. What can I do to my notes from this account to a new account?

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I merged two threads since the most recent posts overlap.  Please don't post twice on the same issue!

To re-state some Evernote basics...

  1. No accounts is never deleted by Evernote.  If you were able to log in once and still remember those details,  your notes will still be available.
    (NB it's very easy to create a new account instead of logging into an old one - if you don't see any notes at all,  this may be what happened.  Try again!)
  2. If you can log in,  account details can be updated:  Change your account login email address
  3. Accounts may be deactivated Reactivate your Evernote account           
  4. If all else fails,  this is a (mainly) user-supported Forum. Please contact Evernote Support via 
  5. If you are currently a 'free' user,  login and sync issues can arise from too many devices being registered to one account: Understanding the device limit

- Hope some of that helps...

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