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Web Clipper dialogue always pops up

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I think I've read about this before but don't know if there is a solution.

The Web Clipper dialogue that says:

"Like this Page? Save it" and other text with a "Clip it" button keep showing up at various times and I have no idea what makes it open. I've attached a screenshot of it.

It randomly shows up. Can be using the browser for a long time looking at many pages and then all of a sudden it will show up. Then it will not show up for a while and then show up again.

It is annoying and gets in the way of the page you are reading. I'm using Safari on the Mac. 

Can it be disabled?

I am a Plus user which isn't good enough to contact support evidently so hopefully someone here knows the answer.

Thank you



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Yeah, how can I stop Evernote from popping up an offer to "Try it out :) ! every damned time I open a PDF? I've tried it out many times in an attempt to make it go away, to no avail. Is this going to get in my way for the rest of my life?

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