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Annotating an image SHRINKS an image!?

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This is probably operator error, but when I annotate an image in a note, the result is a shrunken image! An image pasted into a note that begins life as 2108 x 2297 pixels ends up as 1012 x 1144 after I add arrows, boxes, and text.  And when I then select the image in the note and grab a corner to enlarge it again, it can only be reduced in size, not restored to the original display size. This is weird and it only started happening today. Almost certainly I selected some kind of option or switch or accidentally invoked some kind of voodoo incantation but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to fix this. Has anybody else run into this problem?



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  • Evernote Staff

Hey there @raluke, thanks for bringing this to us. Our developers are aware of this and are working on a fix. 

For now, you can annotate images in Evernote for iOS. In iOS annotate does not shrink the image. Also, I've found if image is annotated in iOS first, the issue cannot be reproduced in Annotation Mode on the Mac.

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