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(Archived) Chrome web clipper ignores CSS



Hi all,

Just starting to try out Evernote to see if it will suit me. A major problem I have run into is that the Chrome clipping extension seems to ignore CSS styling when clipping a web page. The result is a pretty ugly mess on many sites that makes it hard to read stored content. I have tried printing as PDF to Evernote, but that seems to ignore CSS too. Even if the PDF did properly render CSS I would still not have live links, which would be another big issue.

Is this something I am doing wrong, or a known bug with the chrome clipper? Anybody else run into this problem? Other than this I am loving Evernote so far. If I can just get past this issue then it might be viable. I guess if I have to switch to Safari (I guess the clipper is more mature for safari) then I would be willing to do that, but I would rather stick with Chrome if possible.

Thanks for your help.


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