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OneNote Import Not Working

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I am trying to import my OneNote notebook into Evernote but the importer won't let me navigate to the file.  The "Select notebook you would like to import:" dropdown in blank.

Is this an Evernote issue or do I need to do something different?



Import Fail.JPG

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For clarification, the File>Import>Microsoft OneNote option is only available when OneNote is also installed on the same PC.   This feature cannot detect exported OneNote files saved outside of OneNote. 

After logging into your OneNote account on the same PC, you will see your notebooks listed from the Dropdown menu. You can then select which "sections" of your notebook you wish to import into Evernote. 




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Hi...I am having the same issue. I have OneNote and Evernote on the same PC, running at the same time. I get the same blank screen with no notebooks or sections identified for me to import.


Appreciate any suggestions 

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