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I'm a long time Evernote user but for some time now I've been disappointed due to what seems like lack of development of the core functionality. So I've tried out similar apps for OSX - as I felt like other apps were getting new useful features faster.

Lately I've come across Quiver (OSX app in the Apple App Store, http://happenapps.com). It has a remarkable way to store and work with code snippets. As I've just heard of and tested the new Evernote "code block" feature, I felt like I have to mention this direct competitor. 

For me code snippets are a main reason to use Evernote, besides taking regular notes - as it is for many people I know. Long story short - many of them, including me, tend to switch away from Evernote, because this functionality (besides of other thinks like missing pre-defined text styles) seems to not be up to date with the competition. Even the OSX notes app now has predefined text styles (title, subtitle, and so on).

I hope for Evernote to get at least an equal functionality. Not only regarding code blocks.

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Hi.  There's new style and code block functionality in Windows Beta 6.x which will no doubt be making its way across devices.  Evernote have made some welcome changes here!

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