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Feature Request: RightClick Menu: "List of notes which contain a link to this note"

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I love EN, all the possibilites to store notes and link them to each other.
Second I love the search possibilities very much, but I miss one thing which would mean a further tremendous step forward in Terms of finding what you are searching for.

EN is for me all about this, not only searching but finding the needle in the haystack.

Although all the Notebooks and tagging in advance any search is a challenge and often it gets a Job where I dumbles from one peace to the other, as search Terms often not the same I used when taking the note.
However I can go to any note linked in a note, but if I want to make sure that I find also the other way round I need to manually interlink the notes.
This not only means double work, seen over a longer time period, this is often simply not possible.
Having a note selected I want to see the list of notes, the selected note is linked to, this is what I miss heavily.
IDEA: Selected note -> right click -> "List of notes which link to this note" -> Shows notes only, which link to the selected note.

Think over a longer time period, how many notes get interlinked, without this functionality there is only on direction we can dumbles further from note to note.
With this functionality an unknown linkage is build up over time which helps a lot in finding the right note at the right time.

This would be a great USP in my opinion.

Please let me know if this Feature is considered worthfull.


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28 minutes ago, compu2000 said:

I need to manually interlink the notes.

There are times when I want to group or interliink some notes together. For instance, when I had a new oven installed, I had notes for 1,) appliance store quotes 2,) carpenter bids 3,) purchase receipt 4.) delivery schedule 5.) before and after photos 6,) delivery paperwork 7,) carpenter bill 8,) warranty information. 

At the top of each note, I added a specific unique code. example Code KD73RK

This can be done on a variety of issues - project at work, extended dental work, purchase of a car, vacation, job search, etc.

I still use tags for my notes, but this unique code method allows me to view a small set of interlinked notes at one glance.

You probably wonder how I can remember the code. Well the short answer is I can't. But I can remember buying an oven and Evernote can find oven. Since the code is at the top of each note, as soon as I see it, I will refine my search by looking only for the code. This lets me quickly and accurately find the right notes at the right time.

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Workaround.  If you don't change the link text, you can search for the exact match of the source note title.  This will return any notes with a link to the source note.  FWIW.

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