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Feautre Request - Web Clipper



From browser extension, I cannot create a new notebook when i clip something on the internet. It has to go into an existing notebook which is a hassle to create. Please provide an option to create a new notebook from within webclipper.

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hi, I can see your idea, however, that's not the way your notes are supposed to be organized IMHO. Evernote is restricted to 250 notebooks afaik. It makes more sense to build a tree or a catalog of tags (which allows you to put even multiple tags on your notes). I actually use only two "main" notebooks ..."inbox" and ...."archive"...All other notebooks are only for: local notebooks, shared notebooks or "special item" notebooks. This means I only have a handful of notebooks and all my notes are organized by a "tag-structure".

Hope this helps you to get rid of your "create new notebook- problem".


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On March 14, 2016 at 7:29 AM, helpy said:

Please provide an option to create a new notebook from within webclipper.

The option for new tag/notebook would be ok, but there should be a warning for new entries.

This would make it consistent with the way it handle tags; where new entries are allowed.

I'd like them to modify the tag entry to use a dropdown list similar to the notebook process

.Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.22.32 AM.png

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