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Does the 3 month Evernote Premium subscription through Evernote Molskine stack ?

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Hi Guys,

I have bought 2 evernote molskine books. 

Through these I have a 3 month subscription of evernote premium. 

Does anyone know if I can activate/redeem both of these subscriptions at the same time and they will stack (i.e. evernote premium for 6 months) or will I have to activate them on at a time every 3 months?


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Hi.  Sadly I think the rules on freebies say that you can only use one gift at a time,  so you may find problems - but assuming these are gift codes that you can redeem,  try opening your account (or set up a new basic account) and then try redeeming both codes.  The main thing is to try it - the worst that can happen is you wind up with a 3m free subscription and a message telling you what to do next...

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