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Feature Request: Support for High Resolution Displays (QHD/QHD+/2K/3K) in Windows 10

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I can use EVERNOTE on my new Thinkpad X1 Yoga, yes. But the texts are so poorly shown on the screen, since I am using a resolution of 2560*1400 with a 150% system zoom in. 

I know some development need to be involved to have a software shown clearly on QHD screen, but since the QHD is out for long already (at least 1 year i guess?), and some other free software can support it fully without problem already (Chrome as an example), i suppose this should be well develop much sooner than later?

Now I am not even in the good mood to open EVERNOTE on my new laptop, since all the texts showing in it are hardly to be mentioned as clear. (see differences in screen definition attached)

Thanks and looking forward to everyone's feedback and comments on this.


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23 hours ago, Stephane Lo said:

Support for QHD resolution is currently in private beta and on its way soon to public releases. Feel free to sign up for the private beta if you want to check it out early. 

That's great to know. I had just signed up the private beta and please include me into the project as soon as possible, as a heavy user of Evernote i really need to see everything very clear on my screen! Thanks! :)

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