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Why is my Evernote interface shades of gray and white



I use to use evernote on mac on a desktop on school campus sometime ago. 

I recently got got Evernote on mac ( not ios) and instead of green and white , I see shades of grey and white?  Boy I was sorely disappointed, I tried to see how I could change it but don't know how or if its possible for free users.   I think based on a color scheme I saw for options for upgrading Evernote, is the green and white just for users who pay for Evernote Premium use? 

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Evernote has a great UI in my opinion, it's just purely subpar (but a LOT) in the colors department.

The absence of a DARK MODE is so behind the times.  Being able to darken the sidebar is almost the opposite approach.

I want to darken the entire app.

I'm sure it's a limitation due to the fact that notes are basically HTML and they would have to re-engineer the app from the ground up.  Maybe I'm wrong.

Either way, I don't care because as a user I'm still entitled to complain  :P

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