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Filter check/unchecked items

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We maintain a 200-or-so item shopping list in Evernote. Next to each item if a tick (check) box which indicates whether something needed or not, and which as I go round the supermarket buying things, I clear one by one on my Iphone5. The list is maintained on my and my wife's phones, and our desktop PCs, and generally it works very well, but I've got an improvement suggestion. It would be excellent if you could switch a filter on and off for all the unticked items so that you're left with a list showing only 'ticked' things to get rather than everything, or only things not 'ticked', or back to 'show all'.  

I realise that implementing changes like this takes time, so any time in the next month will do.  ;) 


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If you wish, I could move this to a feedback platform where it can be addressed as a feature request. Let me know which platform you use.

In case this is delayed past next month, you might want to look at one of the dedicated apps that do this function.
I was using the Anylist app.

You could also look at this discussion on the app Paper Bullet;  It looked promising as a front end for Evernote checklists.

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You can connect Evernote to a free app (mobile app and desktop browser) called Swipes. Swipes allows you to select certain Evernote notes from within their app and/ or notes tagged with "Swipes" and pulls all checkboxed items onto their interface. What you check off in Swipes will be checked off in Evernote and vice-versa. The key thing here is that Swipes provides one consolidated interface for all checkboxed items within Evernote notes you point swipes to. 

You are able to create an individual Swipes task for each checkboxed item in an Evernote note... or you can have a series of subtasks in one Swipes task. It's worth tinkering with.

I blogged about it here:


Here's their profile in the Evernote app center:


I do believe this app addresses all of your requests. You'll find it on the web, Android and iOS. 

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Thanks for the advice guys.

DTLow,  I think this would be a useful additional feature on all Evernote platforms: IOS, Windows and Web.

Frank.dg, I've installed Swipes on my iPhone, and it certainly does the job. Evernote has a recently introduced 'feature' which a bug report has been raised for, in that on an iPhone (I don't know about other platforms), when an item is un-ticked, a screen refresh takes place, at the end of which you're positioned back at the top of the list. Using a long list, 200 items or so, this means either doing an awful lot of scrolling down or not un-ticking items. Swipes doesn't do this, I'm pleased to say! 

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Nice to see you're tinkering with Swipes :-)

Remember, there is a way to have your one long list broken down into 200 separate Swipes tasks... or have them all included as 200 subtasks within one task. Either way, it is possible to easily isolate/ group the remaining unchecked tasks. 

I recommend you break your list down into separate Evernote notes to make it more manageable - I.e. Perishable goods, meats, dairy, etc. depending.

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