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Web clipping extremely slow

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I have seen several seemingly dangling posts regarding the slow nature of web clipper.  Please forgive if this is redundant.

I use web clipper on safari and chrome and it takes fooooever to clip pages, by this I mean 8-15 seconds.  This basically stops me dead in my tracks especially if I am surfing and scanning for lots of info to triage later.  In contrast, I have used other clippers like pocket and it is basically one click and done [as a detail with pocket, i am saving the whole page, not just the link so its apples to apples comparison]

Could you please post your comments if you have similar issues so that I know I am not doing something wrong.  And even better, a solution would be great !!!

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15 hours ago, curious1 said:

I use web clipper on safari and chrome and it takes fooooever to clip pages, by this I mean 8-15 seconds.

I am not seeing this slowness using Mac MBA-13, Yosemite 10.10.5, and Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit).  I just clilpped this page and it took less than 2 seconds.

Need more info please:

  1. OSX version
  2. Chrome version
  3. Has it always been slow?
  4. If not, when did it start?
  5. Is it slow on all web pages?

You might try the standard "fix it" techniques:

  1. Restart your Mac
  2. Make sure you have the latest ver of Chrome
  3. Remove and Reinstall the Evernote Web Clipper
  4. Check the Mac Activity Monitor to see if anything strange is happening
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  1. I am using versions OSX 10.8 10.9 10.10 spread across 10 different computers
  2. chrome version 48
  3. it has always been slow
  4. the speed definitely variable- but its slow nonetheless compared to pocket which clips in a snap


  1. have restarted macs hundreds of time
  2. tried reinstalling several times and no change
  3. don't really know how to use the activity monitor but I don't see any taxing activity currently.

When you use it does it clip in a snap or does it sit there for a bit?

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10 hours ago, curious1 said:

When you use it does it clip in a snap or does it sit there for a bit?

The large majority of times, clipping is very fast for me.

  • I usually clip 10-15 pages a day, which vary from a small selection on the page, to the full "Article" of a complex web page.
  • As soon as I click on the EN Clipper button, the popup appears immediately.  
  • I usually clip using either the "Article" or "Selection" choice.
  • A very high percentage of cases, I'd guess 90%+, the saving of the clip happens so quickly that I don't perceive it as being slow.
  • For me, this means less than ~3 seconds, usually less than 2, after I click on the Clipper Save button.
  • Occasionally, it will take more than 5 sec, maybe even 10 or 15 sec.  But this is rare, and I'm not sure if it is due to the EN Clipper, or due to other factors:  Web site response, Internet speed, etc.

There are many factors that can affect Clipper performance.

Perhaps the best way to compare our experience, is for you to post a link to a page you consistently find to be slow to clip.

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Agreed, Evernote's clipper is too slow for me, and I'm assuming other power users -- it's probably fine for people who only clip a handful of things per day. I'm probably an outlier, but I've been a paying customer for years, and I think it's finally time to bid farewell.


There's no selective sync on desktop. The clipping is slow -- rendering the simplified article -> clipping -> syncing easily takes 10+ seconds, per page. As a user, my time is best spent using the information I've collected, not saving it. There are no handwritten notes on the Surface, etc. The things I've tasked it with are unfortunately easily replaced with software I'm already using every day (ex. Google Drive/Docs, iCloud Notes, OneNote, etc.). I've been trialing Pocket for the past two months -- basic clipping is instant (I think they handle a lot of the processing behind the scenes) -- there's no waiting for the page to render, clipping, syncing, more waiting. There's also a third party "Clip all tabs" Chrome extension -- wonderful! It's already saved me countless hours, in just a couple months of use.


Evernote's still a trusty little app, good at a lot of things, but not great anymore, and certainly not the best.

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I concur. Web clipping often takes 30 seconds or more. When i clip multiple pages, it takes longer and longer with each page. Often I even get Page not responsive popups.

My MBA is generally very fast. I would suggest adding instrumentation to find the root cause.

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Same with me: clipping can be painfully slow. Plus, there is one thing that really annoys me: if I don't wait for the confirmation message that a page has been clipped, that page may NOT show as saved when I open the desktop app; when clipping things quickly because I'd be returning to them later, I didn't always wait for the notification, in hopes the process was being completed in the background, so I assume I've lost many clippings all along.

I also have Pocket installed; it's a pleasure to use — fast and consistent. My reason for using Evernote was I can keep things organized in Notebooks, but I'm tempted to abandon it and rely solely on Pocket's tag system.

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I want to add my voice to this.  It can take 4 minutes when clipping gmail.  I've uninstalled and re-installed.  I've tried other browsers.  (firefox and opera, in addition to my primary which is chrome)

I've noticed it's a bit improved if I exit gmail and then sign back in.  But not much

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Is this still an issue for others? I have made sure I'm using the latest version, but clipping is still very slow. It varies. Sometimes it's very quick, like when I select a short text passage. But clipping an email in Gmail is averaging 55 seconds. Yes, almost a full minute. 

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Just tried clipping a long Gmail in Firefox and it took around 10 seconds to completion.  A bit longer to actually see the note because my desktop Evernote has to sync to retrieve the new note from the server.

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Bearing in mind that 'clipping' means some background web traffic - Evernote has to fetch a copy of your page or selection from its original server and upload it to EN Central - then the speed of your device,  the web connection,  and any other activity at the time is going to affect things.  Best idea - test your clipping speed with nothing else going on at all - no other apps,  no tabs,  no-one else logged into your network.  See if that's faster...

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Having similar issues with the Web Clipper on Firefox.  Especially when clipping a PDF.

It is actually more productive to:

  1. Download the PDF.
  2. Send it directly. to the native Evernote application.
  3. Delete the downloaded PDF.

I believe it's an upload bandwidth utilization issue.

The process using the Web Clipper takes far longer than using the download & send method with the native application.

Conclusions: The native Evernote Application utilizes upload bandwidth more efficiently than the Web Clipper.

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I have a new Macbook Pro and have reinstalled the web clipper a number of times without any improvement of the clipping speed.

I've timed a number of emails clipped with the Evernote clipper. The speed varies from 60 seconds to 90 seconds depending on the email contents. 

If the Powerbot for Gmail is installed for email clipping then I have clipping speeds of around 70% faster with this app. Go figure. Evernote needs to raise its game here as it's fast becoming a less than efficient tool.

The fastest way to clip is to forward the email directly to my email account.

Hope this helps.

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