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Using Zapier to send EN notes & more to Azendoo as tasks

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Wow, I know I've been away from the forum for quite some change, but I didn't expect the site to change so drastically in appearance! :o

In any case, hello to everyone!  I life is treating all of you well?

I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer and do so in simple language.  Think tech for dummies kind of speak.  ;)

I've looked on the Knowledge Bases for Evernote, Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier and Azendoo, as well as on YouTube, but have yet to find anything that answers my specific question.

And yes, I know this is probably a very stupid question coming from someone who's been using Evernote for a few years now...  Please try to keep your laughing to minimum. :blush:

What I want to know is how, using my android phone and tablet, to use Zapier to send specific EN notes, Gmails and Google Calendar events to Azendoo, where each "Zap" creates a new task in Azendoo.  All the instructions and tutorials I've found seem to indicate that if I set up the Zap Recipes as instructed, it will send everything to Azendoo, not just the particular ones I want.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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6 hours ago, Wordsgood said:

Is life is treating all of you well?

Hi @Wordsgood

Nice to see you back here! I've been back to mischief here myself for not so long :-)

To answer your main question: Life is treating me well. I can't speak for everyone else. Let me fill you in briefly:

  • I am currently enjoying Summer
  • Next season up is Summer 
  • The season after that, believe it or not, is also Summer
  • And finally to wrap things up before getting back to the Summer I'm currently enjoying, we have Summer yet again.
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Hi @Wordsgood - good to hear from you again.  Not quite sure what planet (or chemical substance) @Frank.dg is currently on,  but that happens a lot.  Those of us out here in the cold,  hard,  rainy real world of the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying cold.  And rain.  Usually followed my more rainy,  cold weather with the occasional cold(er) snap.  I think it's great for penguins,  but for those of us temperate non-amphibians it's a bit dismal.  We're waiting for our share of that summer that Frank is busy hogging.

On your Zap question,  I'm not sure whether what you want is possible.  Gmail and GCal are kind've non-specific apps - either you're sending all the input or none.  AFAIK there's no way to choose some items and not others.  Evernote of course has tags and notebooks,  so you may be able to get a Zap together that will send chosen notes - if you don't already have one,  you'd need to go back to their KB of helplines to confirm how to do that.

Depending on exactly what you're trying to do,  I wonder if an app called Macrodroid could help - it acts like a keystroke recorder for some specific actions.  Don't know what else that may be available on the same lines for your particular device and Android version.  It's an interesting question - hope we can come up with more suggestions...

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Hi Gents!  And thank you, it's great to hear from you both, so to speak.

@Gazumped, I'm sorry to hear your still dealing with cold weather. Unfortunately I'm right there with you in the wet part.  My little corner of Canada very seldom sees any snow, but we get lot's and lot's of rain.  There's a bit of a monsoon going on as I type this. @Frank.dg, I agree with Gaz, stop hogging all the sunny weather! ;)

And thank you, Gaz, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.  I've been using Azendoo as my all around project & productivity software.  They recently rolled out their own calendar, but it's taken so long to find a shareable calendar that had the capabilities I needed yet was easy to use.  I tried Ical, Sunrise and a few others, but the Google Calender still seems to be the best fit.  Sunrise was great, right up until it was sold to Microsoft.

If you recall, my issue with calendars, notes, documents and reminders, is that I need to be able to share select ones with hubby, while also managing our lives and my personal projects. Azendoo is working beautifully for my needs, but it can be time consuming to manually create and edit entries that I call projects.  They usually involve a series of tasks on a few different kinds of documents, including EN Notes.

Zapier is the same type of program as IFTTT and there are "recipies" where I can, for example, set it up so that EN reminder notes and Google calendar events are automatically sent to Azendoo.  My problem is that I've never used any kind of software like IFTTT or Zapier.  When looking through the knowledge base of both programs, Zapier appears to be more user-friendly.

What I can't figure out is if either program, or any other that might exist, will let me decide which EN Note and which Google Calendar events I want to send to Azendoo.  I don't want everything I put in EN or my calendar automatically pushed to Azendoo; I want certain one only.  I can keep doing it manually, but it's very time consuming, which sort of defeats the point of using Azendoo.  

I keep much of my life in EN and can't really remember how I managed before discovering it.  I rely heavily on Tags and try to keep the number of Notebooks to a minimum.  Evernote's search function is still the best out there, IMO.  But lacking it's own native calendar and repeating reminders, I need to use other apps/programs to stay on top of things.

Sigh, as usual, it's taking me forever to spit out what I'm trying to say.  I'm guessing no-one's really missed that while I've been gone... :rolleyes:

Did any of the above make sense?  If so, can anyone help, please?

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