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WebDAV server support & Full Encryption with user-defined key that Evernote cannot unlock (Feature request)

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It would be great if Evernote could create support for people to store their information on a personal password-protected webDAV server.  This would put individuals back in control of their own data by allowing customers to encrypt all their data with their own key and store it on their own server of choice.  Perhaps a new version of Evernote could be sold purely as a software product with no subscription -- customers could simply purchase a WebDAV-capable version of the Evernote software and phone app.

For those who prefer the current subscription model, it would be nice to see Evernote eventually offer to subscribers the option to encrypt all stored data using the strongest encryption available, and using a user-specified encryption key, so that only the individual users themselves are able to decrypt the information.  Many users use Evernote as a kind of digital File-cabinet, and it would be nice if the files were as secure as those stored in a physical file cabinet.

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