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(Archived) Feature request: Remove tags with alt/option key



Would it be possible, to check the state of the alt/option key, when dragging tags to notes or notes to tags and change the action from "add tag" to "remove tag", when alt/option is pressed?

Shouldn't be that hard, as all the surrounding logic, like determine, which notes and which tags a targeted and and loop through this notes would not change at all. Just a boolean flag for the alt/option key state would have to be passed to the code within this loop. If the boolean flag is true, "delete flag" would be called instead if "add tag".


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I would never claim to know what is easy or difficult in someone else's code base, so no opinion on the proposed option (though Ctrl-drag or Alt-drag operations would not be user-obvious, and in Windows, Ctrl-drag in Explorer means something else). I'd probably prefer a properties dialog that has a tri-state checkbox for all of the tags in the selected notes: empty for tags in none of the notes, checked but grayed for tags that are not in all of the notes, and otherwise checked for tags that are in all of the notes. This is a relatively common UI idiom for representing and manipulating simple boolean properties of multiple objects. There should also be a way to add a new or an unused tag tag to all selected notes in this dialog. Anyways...

What I will offer is the fast way that I've found to remove a tag from multiple objects: just perform a search on that tag (search: tag:MyTag), and the list will appear. Click on the top item in the list, and click on the 'x' in the MyTag box to remove it. The list updates automatically, and you can continue this until done (i.e., the list is empty). Not ideal, but not too bad for small numbers of notes.


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