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Awesome Note Sync problem (Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote)

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hi, I'm using both Evernote and Awesome note, originally the sync has no problem between them.
In Awesome note 2, I saw a new function "sync with icloud", so I broke "sync to Evernote" and change to "sync to icloud", it doesn't work :mellow:, so I want to change back to "sync to Evernote".

Now I meet the problem, I have 2789 note, size is around 1.8GB, 
When I click sync button on Awesome note, sync process started, shows "downloading note...211/ 2789" etc.   
After have sync around 600 notes, it shows "Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote. Retry after 1597 seconds"  and stop the sync process.:o
It's horrible, the sync process need to restart, shows "downloading note...1/ 2789", and takes very long time to restart the sync. 
(I think it will stop again during the sync process, due to the API call limit)

In fact I met this problem before when I need to sync around 200 notes...I have no confidence the sync process can complete, as this time 2789 notes... 
How can I solve this problem, any person can help me ? Thank you very much.  

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