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Cut&Paste not holding encrypted selected text, losing the contents

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I noted that cutting & pasting a password "Encrypted selected text" contents within Evernote note, once encrypted, I've lost the data because I can't paste. What's worse, the cut contents are lost.

I've one this within a note but it also seems to apply between different notes.

I guess I shouldn't cut the "object" that symbolizes the encrypted text, but rather the text once decrypted.

However, it's intuitively what I tend to do, and since It might be something that doesn't happen to everyone, I wanted to mention it.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

I use Windows 10 and Evernote Public.


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Hi.  No inside information here,  but what you're copying is presumably the password prompt,  not the actual data.  As you note;  if it doesn't work,  stop doing it!  If you're a premium user you could presumably get that data back through note history,  or maybe 'undo' after the cut would do the job.  Best prevention though - stop!!

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