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Shared Notebook Limits



We use evernote for all our client notes, with every client having their own notebook. What this means is that we want every staff member to have access to every client notebook.  As we have come onto the system we are hitting the limit of 500 shared notebooks.  Is there some reason for this limit? We have only 6 users sharing the notebooks and it seems like your limits on the number of users is much more generous. I don't understand why the limit even exists provided we are staying within our download limits. Its seems rather arbitrary.

Is there a way around this limit?

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I just ran into this as well today. What a major problem for me. I agree. They allow you to create more but not create and share more than 500 notebooks. No doubt I don't understand why they would limit this. I have been a user for many years faithfully, but this will surely put a dent in my business if they do not lift the threshold on this to at least 750 if not 1000 or make it limitless. To limit it to 500 for sharing is a joke. What are they thinking. Need support and help on this ASAP!!! 

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On 2016-03-09 at 6:07 PM, NathanB69 said:

Is there a way around this limit?


57 minutes ago, appliancedriven said:

Need support and help on this ASAP!!! 

The only way I see around the Notebook limit is to use a single Notebook, and identify your clients via the Tags feature. The limit on tags is 100,000

This is a user discussion forum.  You can contact Evernote support at

Contact Evernote Support or Twitter @evernotehelps  

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