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(Archived) Start from Mac-how to keep categories from going to Droid?



I use Evernote to sync notes from my mac to my Droid phone. From my mac, I would like to push most categories (notebooks) on my mac Evernote to Evernote's 'cloud.' But I do not want all of them to be transferred to my Droid phone, as this would take too much of its memory. To do this (with my limited knowledge of Evernote) I have assigned only one notebook (named "Droid") as a "Synchronized Notebook," so it will be pushed automatically from my mac-to Evernote's cloud-to my Droid. All my other notebooks have been assigned as "Local Notebooks," which, of course, sadly cannot be pushed to Evernote's cloud. This is an unsatisfactory solution, for while I'm able to sync specified notes from my mac to my Droid via a "Synchronized (Droid) Notebook," all my other notebooks are "local" & unable to be pushed to Evernote's cloud, so that they will be synced with my Droid. A satisfactory solution would be to have all my Notebooks pushed to Evernote's cloud, but allow only a few of them to be synced to my Droid. Is there a satisfactory solution?


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Currently, Android phones do not synchronize any notebooks. When we implement offline synchronization on Android, it will be similar to on the iPhone: if you have a Premium account, you can choose the notebooks that you want to sync to the device.

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Are you saying that there are (or will be) 2 methods to solve this problem: The 1st is in the near future when Android phones will work like iphones and the 2nd method is available now using a Premium account, which allows you to choose which notebooks to sync to the Droid? Or are both these methods yet future? If I can solve the problem now with a Premium account ... I'll have my cake & the icing--instant gratification! Thanks.

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Actually, I'm saying that it's not a problem right now at all, because none of your data is synchronized to the Droid (so you don't need to worry about this).

In the future, when synchronization to the Droid is available, you will have control over what to synchronize.

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