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Stop Evernote from opening new notes

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Help! How do I turn off the behavior of Evernote opening a newly created note?

It used to be that I could email in a note, or click on the elephant icon in Postbox and the note would get created in the back ground. Not true any longer. No matter how I create a note Evernote takes over my computer, opens the program, and opens the new note in a new window. It completely disrupts whatever else I am working on.

How can I turn that default off?

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I think I found something in preferences (on Mac) to make it so it does NOT start where it left off which would work for the issue you are describing. There may also be a setting for not showing the new note. I know it is now not quite as obnoxious as it used to be so I must have found something. I also now use Spark Mail; not Postbox.

The link the other guy posted was of no help at all and did not even address what I was writing about. I was surprised because that guy is usually better than that.

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