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Firefox Web Clipper extension is so bad compared to Chrome's


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While the Chrome Web Clipper works near perfectly, Firefox's Clipper is abominable. The highlighter doesn't work, Annotation option isn't there and while selecting 'Article' the + and - buttons to expand/contract selection don't work at all. The average rating for the Firefox Clipper is 2 out of 5!!

Have seen multiple user complains from last 2 years for these issues and some of them have actually ditched Evernote once and for all.

Is someone actually working on it? This is costing you your user base, Evernote!!

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27 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Mozilla take some time to approve re-worked clippers

Although Mozilla is slow to approve updates, that does not excuse the excessive amount of time it is taking Evernote to provide a solid FF web clipper that matches the quality and features of the Chrome clipper.  As the OP noted, this has been an issue for nearly 2 years.

It is further compounded by the fact that the long-time Web Clipper lead has left Evernote, and I have not seen much participation here from the new lead.

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We aim to provide the same Clipper version for all browsers.

Unfortunately, the browser differences between Firefox and the other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera) have prevented that so far.

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