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Sync tags and folder structure between Evernote and Penultimate



In order to take advantage of the organization features in Evernote, I have to:

1.  Create a note in Penultimate;

2.  Sync Penultimate to Evernote;

3.  Switch to Evernote;

4.  Open the note, put it in the correct folder, tag it.

5.  Close Evernote;

6.  Reopen Penultimate, and start taking notes. 

This leaves me with a far more organized folder structure in Evernote than Penultimate (because you can only create the stacks in Evernote), and tags that can only be searched in Evernote (when I spend 90% of my time in Penultimate).

Can you please mirror the functionality from Evernote in Penultimate?

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Holy moly, is this what I need!

I just got a 9.7" iPad Pro, and for the first time in my life, I'm able to take handwritten notes, tag them, store and (wait for it, wait for it) actually find them again when I need to! 

I would absolutely love the ability to tag my notes in Penultimate, and select a notebook. I would be thrilled if I had the same options as when I clip from the web using the Evernote browser extension. 

IMHO, the combination of more integrated Penultimate/Evernote combined with the iPad would make for a very powerful business tool. As it is, I can't imagine going back to my old ways.

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I've also begun to use Evernote Premium more deeply, and am enjoying getting most of my life's content more organized and searchable. It is a process thinking through the best structure for everything. I am coming to this having organized content in a more traditional directory/folder structures using enterprise work management solutions that I've implemented.

Tags have been extremely helpful and It's been a nice surprise to to see relevant context served up. 

I also just got an iPad Pro 9.7" and discovering Penultimate and its integration with Evernote. Combined, I'm moving much closer to keeping most of my note taking entirely digital. Just need to keep working on consolidating content from other note taking apps I used. 

Look forward to sharing and learning in this community. 

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I've created notebooks in Penultimate that do show up in Evernote as new notebooks, but the reverse isn't true.  If I have a notebook created in Evernote, is there any way to pull it up in penultimate to store a note there in the first instance rather than create the note in Penultimate inbox, then file and tag it in Evernote. I figured out that because I cannot name a notebook in Penultimate with the same name as an Evernote notebook unless I name it with a new suffix like .1,  then I can move all the penultimate notes in the .1 notebook  into the Evernote notebook in Evernote whenever I get around to it.  But, again, it would be lovely to have the interface a one step rather than multi step.

I suppose another option would be to simply make Evernote connectable with Apple Pencil or the JotScript pen so we could skip a separate handwriting program altogether.  

Mother's Day is upon us;  I think this would be the perfect gift from Evernote developers for all the Moms out there....

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