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ScanSnap setup software crashing evernote

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I'm reinstalling Evernote on a new computer. As part of the process, I installed the ScanSnap software (as I have a ScanSnap that I have successfully been using for about 2 years).

Now, when I open Evernote, it prompts me with what seems to be a mandatory wizard that asks me to walk through my auto-file settings, asks me if I have a code for 1 year of free Evernote, and then says prompts me to "Get Started." The problem is, every time I press "Get Started" Evernote crashes, and then I'm back to square 1, with it forcing me to go through the Wizard. As of now, I basically can't use the Evernote client because I'm being forced through the wizard every time.

My question is: is there a way I can get Evernote to stop showing me the wizard?

Also worth noting:

- I was able to connect my computer to the Scanner and successfully walk through the wizard once, but then the next time I opened Evernote the wizard came back!

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Hi.  Is this the Evernote Edition ScanSnap (EESS),  or the standard Fujitsu model?  Either way I'd suggest you uninstall / restart / reinstall the software to see whether you can jolt the app into running properly.  If that fails,  the EESS is supported by Evernote,  so contact support for more...

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Here is the answer I got from Evernote support (upgrade to 6.6 beta, link posted below).



Thanks for reaching out to Evernote market support my name is Dominic. I understand you are experiencing an issue with your ScanSnap Scanner. I would be more than happy to help you resolve this issue.

We are aware of this issue and have found a fix for it. The fix is currently in the latest beta version of Evernote for Mac. Installing the beta will resolve this particular issue.

To install the latest beta please complete the following.

  1. If Evernote is running, press Command + Q to quit the Evernote app
  2. Open the Applications folder and drag Evernote to the Trash
  3. Right-click (or Ctrl + Click) on the Trash and select Empty Trash
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Download the Evernote Mac Beta
  6. Drag the Evernote icon into your Applications folder
  7. Open Evernote and log in to your Evernote account

Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue.


Dominic A.


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