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Is there a quick way to get Non HTTP url schemes working

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Specifically I want to be able to click on a link in  EN and go to Omnifocus . The reverse works.

Pasting the link from Omnifocus into EN appears not to work. Can't use cmd-k or paste the link in directly.

However, if you open the information panel on a note in EN and paste the link from OF into the URL field then click on "View Site" you go to the appropriate entry in Omnifocus.

I just can't see how to insert the link directly into the note so that you can click and go to the appropriate entry in OF.


Is there any way to create a direct link?



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I find that I can copy a functioning link by selecting a task in the OmniFocus main outline, then command-c copying it, then command-v pasting it in an EN note. I usually simplify formatting afterwards (because the link seems to be styled text).

Selecting 'Copy as link' from the 'Edit' menu doesn't work, probably because EN doesn't recognise links in the form [application name]:///[details].

The same inter-app URL scheme applies to links to DevonThink documents, but I am able to select 'copy item link' in DevonThink and paste a clickable link in EN. I suppose this suggests that, when I select 'copy as link', DevonThink sends a link to the clipboard as styled text, whereas OmniFocus sends it as plain text.

It appears that EN is capable of handling links to other applications if they're pasted as styled text. If you select a task in the main outline in OmniFocus and hit control-c, it sends styled text to the clipboard that can be pasted in EN with the linking functionality preserved.

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