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Several times I am writing in two or more notes stored in different notebooks. Everytime I switch between them I am forced to browse or search for it. It would be much simpler if I had a pair of back/forward buttons like finder and all browsers have. Even better if they'd use the standard macbook three-finger gesture to move back and forward between the notes I'm working on.

Can this be done today? If not, it woud be a great feature.



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There isn't currently a way to go "back" and "forward" within notes you've viewed, although you could do this by opening them in separate windows and toggling between them with Cmd-`

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Thanks for the suggestion. We don't have that today because no one has written it, and we're generally scared of adding another two buttons to our already-cluttered interface, but we appreciate the feedback.

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I have a solution (a bit clunky) but it works.

To link 2 notes together, I paste a unique alpha-numeric password into both documents.

(I use the automatic password generator program in my Roboform menu bar)

Then I have Evernote search for the password and only the 2 documents appear - even if they are in different notebooks.

This allows me to jump back and forth between the documents.

p.s. the password is not for security - it is just a means of linking multiple documents together.

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Hi engberg,

I understand :-)

Anyway, since the toolbar is customizable you could even have them hidden after installation, but the 3-finger gesture would still work. I hope you consider this request!

Thank you for your prompt reply and explanation.


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