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Erratic Checkbox and Cursor Behavior

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Currently running EN for Windows

I think this behavior appeared in the last update or one prior, but in pretty much any existing notes, if I add blocks of text for a list, and then select this block of text and click the Add Checkbox tool, it switches to a select-all mode, selects all text directly above as well as the selected text, and puts in a bunch of additional check boxes in empty areas above my selection, all the way up to the top of the note.  Kind of difficult to describe.

Also noticing that when I copy a "template" I've created and go to edit some text in the copy, the cursor jumps to a spot lower in the note.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?  Been going on for weeks. I keep checking for updates, but not seeing anything.

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I don't know about anything being hidden.  I do employ different formatting elements throughout my notes to sub-organize sections and draw attention, etc., so it's possible there could be some "leftover" formatting commands in there.  As an experiment, I can try to do a copy/paste/simplify formatting, but I don't want to have to do that to my live notes.  Of the two of the example notes I'm speaking to, one is probably kind of long, and the other is has the formatting set up the way I want it to be able use it as a template/form.  It woudl be a lot of work to simplify the formatting and have to go back through to reorganize it.  This just came about in one of the last three updates.

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Understand.  In your existing notes you could try putting a blank line or two in front of and after the text block before adding the check boxes (probably in a copy of the note just in case).  Just workarounds here, no clue as to why it is behaving as you describe.  Though typically there is some format element in the mix. 

I just added a group of lines in a note, put some blank lines before and after, highlighted the lines, and added a check box and it worked fine.  But this was pretty much vanilla text.  You could submit a bug report.

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good suggestions.  I'll play around a little to see if I can isolate any problem sections.  It's just odd that it seemed to coincide with software updates.  I could probably try a clean install as well, and/or try running on a previous version.

just wondering whether anyone else has come across this/these issue(s).  It's not a huge deal, but more just some nuisance stuff that's been going on for a while.

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