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Request: Each notebook have their own sort order



Among the features of Evernote opinions on improving the "Sort notes.
As my case to store a variety of information in Evernote, "Note 1" and "Note 2 'will have a totally different uses.
I want to use as the "Notes 1 '' Creation Date ',' Note 2 '' title sequence, in some cases, are not supported by Evernote features now.
I want to be each 'note sorting criteria "Every notebook.
If this function is added, I think many users would be much more useful to Evernote.
This sentence by using the Google Translator

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I definitely want to be able to set an individual order for individual note groups!  Currently, the specified order is applied to all notebooks.  But I do not really think that makes sense.  For one, the order makes sense for the title, while for the other, it makes sense what has recently been updated.  Dear Evernote team, this complementary feature would be very helpful.


I've been waiting so long for this feature to be offered.

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