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Evernote for iPad editor : add font size and color to toolbar




In Evernote for iPad  editor I often copy clips from different articles and it is important to make font consistent.
It will be good to add font size and color to toolbar to allow change them.
i've found dozen of similar requests for Evernote on different platforms in the forum for few years. Please do it.
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The iPad’s screen has plenty of horizontal space for this. Yet everytime I need to change the font size, because of the lack of keyboard shortcuts (PLEASE add them!), I have to open up a keyboard that takes up a little more than half of my iPad’s screen!

Additionally, if I want to keep formatting notes, I have to keep that keyboard open, which is really annoying. It’s very difficult to write when I can’t see the majority of my note!

If you are going to insist on keeping the keyboard layout, shrink it down to the space needed for the content! I have other keyboards that do this so it is possible.

But ideally, yes, please add these options to the toolbar.

If you run out of space, introduce a horizontally scrolable toolbar. It works well and would solve that problem well.

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