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too many confirm email notifications

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Hi.  I've seen two of those in 12 months.  I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app to make sure you have the latest version.  If the problem continues, look in Settings to contact support and send in a copy of your activity log.

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Hello all,

@gazumped is correct that it could be the Evernote application on your device that is causing it and reinstalling might correct this. If you still experience this though I would try checking the email account associated with your Evernote to see if you received an email to the "verify your email address" notification on your Evernote application. It could be that it will appear in your junk/spam folder if not in your inbox, but going through that email will have a link to verify that your email address is still current.

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No, these confirmation annoyances don’t come via email. They are modal pop-up dialogs. And according to the "design team members" (via the support tech who responded to my similar inquiry on a support ticket), the email confirmations are required every six months. If you don’t confirm you will see that pop-up daily - sometimes many times daily - until you confirm it... again.

I don’t see such requirements in any other software application I own and cannot fathom why Evernote requires this on a regular ongoing basis. Once upon registration is fine, or if a user is not replying to emails sent to them that require a response. Otherwise there is no valid reason to have to constantly reconfirm your address.

Does Evernote sell our addresses? I know that confirmed addresses are more valuable than unconfirmed.


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Matt, I understand that Evernote thinks this is a valid requirement. I disagree, and as I posted previously I believe that email confirmation could reasonably be required upon initial registration and then again only if the user fails to respond to an important email from Evernote. However a standing, periodic confirmation requirement is unnecessary. No other software that I've used in the more than 40 years I've used it required such repetitious confirmations. (Excluding, of course, Microsoft's Genuine Windows checks, which at least were done automatically in the background).

Thank you, 


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I agree--this is over the top.

Last week, Evernote kept making me confirm my email address. First, it put an alert on my Android phone. Then, when I opened the app on my iPad a few hours later, it made me do it again. Next, when I opened Evernote for Windows (a few days later), I had to confirm it AGAIN.

Why isn't one confirmation sufficient? And why does this have to be done every few months? Do people really abandon their email addresses that frequently?

Also, does the confirmation on the Android really have to activate the notification bar? That should be used only for things that require immediate attention. Other than email and text messages, I don't need, nor want, want apps constantly trying to make me do something by putting alerts on my notification bar.  When they do, my notification bar fills up, and then I miss the truly important stuff.

As far as confirming my email address, why not just send an email to the email address to have me click a link? If I don't click within a few days, then annoy me with popups in ONE of the apps (not all of them).

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I also get these annoying confirmations.  I also was getting them for allowing evernote access to my pictures which I did not want.  I use this program quite often but there are others.  Either fix these issues with ability to turn off or I will fix by getting another app.

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I absolutely agree this much "verify your email" notification is highly offensive.   I'm getting it now after literally every change of screen.  (And I do mean EVERY screen change:   Any change to All Notebooks view, to items list in a specific notebook, to a dialog to add a note to a notebook, to exit adding a note to a notebook ... literally freakin' EVERYTHING.   You have more than enough information to bill me $70/year without fail for at least the past 4 years.   I have no interest in also paying to be badgered constantly by a simple notepad - which is all I want from you.

I've had to revert back versions twice now because you cluttered up your UI to try to be the center of everything I do - sort of like a MS "OneNote" for Android.   And there seems to be no way in the newer releases to turn off all that extra clutter.   So I had to back up to an old .APK.   All I want is the plain, simple, notebook UI you used to be and it's worth that $70 for me to share it among my 4 or 5 devices.   That's worth it IF you'll leave me alone other than billing.

Please find a way to disable this constant badgering about my email or I'll definitely find an alternative.




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