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Saving note shared in chat to my notebook

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When someone sends me a note in the work chat, how do i save it to my notebooks?

Basically I receive a recap of a meeting each week from someone and want to easily just save it into my own notebook instead of having to refer to the chat to constantly.

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I also have the same question. It's kind of frustrating to always have to open the chat window > open the shared note > copy the content > paste to my note. Hope Evernote can come up with a solution fast. This has been the only way to keep up with shared notes for as long as I can remember.

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I, too, have been frustrated by this.  I want to work collaboratively on a shared note, but it does not show up in my list of notebooks.  I can only access it through Work Chat and sometimes it is difficult to find. Finally I made a Shortcut to it, but I'd really like it to be in my list of notebooks.

Apparently there is a difference between sharing a notebook and sharing a note?  This doesn't happen with shared notebooks.  If there is a difference, can you all at Evernote at least document this?

A seemingly related problem is that when editing the shared note, at some random time Evernote will jump screen back to the previous notebook I was viewing.  This happens repeatedly, sometimes after a few seconds sometimes after several minutes. It's as if it doesn't really like the shared note. ;-)

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On 7/9/2018 at 4:57 PM, Amanda M said:

The Desktop App is different from the Online interface. In the Desktop Client, you just click Note--> Copy Note To and pick your Notebook. Online it seems as if you can't do this.  

It might have been easier to get this noticed by starting a new topic rather than latching onto this old one, which concerns a different problem. At any rate, in the Online interface, I see the name of the notebook and a notebook icon in the toolbars above the note title. Clicking these brings up an option to move the note. But this is definitely moving, not copying. The current version of the Online interface does lack a number of capabilities that the dedicated clients have.

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