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(Archived) Move Excel position in a note.



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If you select the region around the attachment, then Cut, you can then Paste it to the desired new location.

You may want to save a copy onto your desktop before you do a lot of manipulation.

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Hi Dan,

It worked... I thought that "may" be the answer but I wanted to be sure I could do that and keep my data ok. Thanks for answering so many of my questions. I'm using Evernote exclusively for my new job and it's really working out well. My parters look at my Mac screen and all think it's pretty cool/wild as I scroll through all our scanned contracts, etc...

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Cut and paste is a work-around. In the previous version, a right mouse click and 'attach file' would put the attachment at the cursor point. I think 4.02.3162 is broken putting any and all attachments at the front of a note. This is a real pain if the note is several pages long. Win XP SP3.

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