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What happens when downgrading account levels?

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I really have 2 questions. I currently just have the free basic account. I've wanted for a long time to upgrade. However, I have two concerns/questions.

1) If I upgrade, and decide I'm not using it enough or its not working like I thought it would... What happens to all my notes, notebooks, tags, etc if I downgrade?

2) Another part of that is there any way to get my notes exported in a format I can read outside of Evernote? Part of me is concerned that this service may not be around indefinitely.


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Hi.  Your account limits change on upgrade.  The only thing that happens on downgrade is that they change back.  Any notes you created with the higher limits will stay in your account,  but you may not be able to edit the content.  (Although you can copy some or all of a larger note and split it into smaller chunks which will be editable.)

And yes,  File > Export allows you to create HTML web pages or files in ENEX format.  No note taking app that I'm aware of has ever gone out of business overnight however,  and even if that happened,  you should still be able to use the installed software to view your notes.

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