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(Archived) Just a few thoughts about the iPad and Evernote ....



My personal view on the iPad is, its an elegant way to consume content like browsing pictures, watching movies, reading books or magazines or - searching stuff within your Evernote library. It is ideal to use while sitting / lying on your couch, browsing recipes in the kitchen (keep it away from the frying pan ;-)), or searching stuff in the loft (that you have categorized with Evernote 10 years ago ;-).

I don't see a point to use it on my desktop. There is a already a Mac with a 24" screen and a real keyboard, why bother myself with an iPad's 10" screen and a virtual keyboard.

And despite other opinions, I don't see much use for the iPad outside my house/office. It doesn't fit into my pocket, it can't make phone calls and it doesn't have a camera. No, when on the road, I take my iPhone - or my MacBook Pro in case I have to do real work or need storage space to back up the memory cards of my camera, all things the iPad can't do.

Ok, so in my opinion, the iPad is mainly the in-house thin media client over WIFI.

Unfortunately, Apple decided not to spend the iPad a card slot to easily add content to the device by simply swapping some memory card into the device. It is Apple's way to make sure, their customers only buy expensive Apple branded memory by soldering it directly onto the mainboard, well. :?

So the iPad is plagued by the same limitation as the iPhone. The storage is small in compare to a real Mac, even a MacBook. In fact the limitation is even more serious than on the iPhone, because due to the larger screen size you are tempted to consume higher resolution (= memory intensive) content on that device.

Due to these storage limitations, I assume your iPad Evernote client will be more similar to the current iPhone client than to the Mac client, which means you don't keep a complete local copy of all notes on the iPad. Probably keeping some notebooks locally and the rest will be just online accessible.

In my opinion, the working experience with Evernote on the real Mac client is much better than on the iPhone. Even when connected via Wifi, browsing through notes is painfully slow, only tiny, non-resizable previews or no previews at all etc. Don't get me wrong, I don't complain about this. This is the price you pay for the big advantage to be able to access ALL your notes anywhere even via a more than often lousy EDGE connection.

But for an iPad with its larger screen and usually connected via 802.11n to my GBit Ethernet LAN, I expect more.

Usually my Evernote database is already up to date on all of my Macs. And usually (while I'm awake), at least one of these Macs is running. So why not using this - in compare to the iPad - huge processing power and storage space to improve the user experience on the iPad.

Instead of wasting a lot a precious iPad memory for storing whole notebooks locally on the iPad, why not retrieve that content from a Mac within the LAN? And if no up-to-date Evernote database is accessible, fall back to online retrieval from the Evernote server. Why wasting CPU cycles and battery lifetime on the iPad for generating previews, when all the previews are already accessible (or could be generated in iPad optimized sizes by the Mac in a snap) from the Macs on the LAN?

While I wrote this article, I've remembered, that I've asked for LAN syncing a while ago. LAN syncing would be somewhat related to what I suggested for the iPad, so you might be interested in reading this article too.

Again, IMHO the iPad is not just a big iPod nor is it a MacBook without keyboard. It is a device with an almost MacBook size screen with iPod like memory, which means, it is more a media streamer with extended buffering than a device to store media.

I hope Apple and iPad app developers realize this potential and generate apps, that interact with Desktop Macs and MacBooks in an intelligent way. Well, Apple's motivation to bring this to perfection might be dampened by the fact, that this would leave less room for the expensive 64GB model. The USB bound "feed everything through iTunes" solution, Apple currently uses for iPod, iPhone and AppleTV to me looks like an anachronism when used on the iPad (frankly its already an anachronism for WIFI enabled iPhones and iPods).

Just my opinion about the iPad, which may or may not find some influence on your iPad client.


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